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By: Imaculate Johnson

Charming townhomes and grand, stately luxury homes make San Francisco one of the most architecturally diverse regions in the country.  One stroll down its winding street is enough to seduce visitors with the sights, sounds and smells of a truly world class city.  Its long history as a mecca for seaside fun has continued to bolster San Francisco's reputation as an in-demand destination.

The city boasts a unique contour with rolling hills interspersed between the lively energy of a true metropolis.  The gently sloping streets of San Francisco are brimming with history from the rustic climes of the American West to the turbulent revolutions of the 1960's.  Every parcel of the area's local luxury homes is steeped in character and personality.

The colors of the Haight Ashbury neighborhood speak volumes about the legacy of its heyday.  Bright blues give way to mellow oranges as the sunsets on California's most vibrant city.  From its evolution as the epicenter of civic change to its current incarnation as a laid back gathering space for the city's admirer's, this section of the city is a standout for the San Francisco real estate market.  

From Spanish style haciendas to sleek modern luxury homes, San Francisco brings a plethora of beauty to every lifestyle.  For active outdoor enthusiasts, residents love the easy accessibility to the Bay Area's many natural wonders.  The Embarcadero borders the water and invites families and young people to run along its coastline.  Nearby, Fisherman's Wharf has become a hot spot for locals and visitors alike searching for a sun dappled deck to enjoy a leisurely lunch on as well as the perfect meeting spot after an afternoon at the world famous aquarium.

San Francisco real estate never fails to impress even the worldliest resident with its dramatic luxury homes and hilly terrain.  Inviting trolley cars sit next to cutting edge design, gracing the cityscape with its unparalleled diversity.  Sweeping verandas overlooking the foggy cliffs are just the beginning when you explore the beauty of San Francisco's striking climes.

Another popular aspect of the Bay Area has always been its family-friendly atmosphere that incorporates luxury homes into the more practical features of raising children and addressing the needs of young professionals.  With such a wide variety of San Francisco real estate available to homebuyers, the area continues to attract the attention of world class residents and businesses.

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Why Invest in Bay Area Real Estate

By: Genelia Brown

For those people who have heard a lot about bay area real estate and want to invest in it, it is important to know which places are included in this area. This area includes the cities of San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland. You will be able to find numerous rich folks and headquarters of popular Fortune 500 companies in this area. The property in bay area is very expensive and it is really a wise decision to invest in it.

One can easily find a good job in this area as a large number of lucrative job options are offered by various big companies like Apple, Yahoo etc. All such companies are offering attractive jobs with high salaries to the people in bay area. The demand for the real estate in bay area is very high. Not only people from U.S, but from various other parts of the world want to purchase property in this area. All the people who are residing in bay area belong to high society and one cannot think of a better place to live, than this.

San Francisco real estate prices are really very high. It is true that only those people who have a heavy budget should think of acquiring a property in San Francisco. Financial experts suggest that people can invest in San Francisco real estate without any second thought. It is a fact that the price of real estate in San Francisco is increasing on a continuous basis. One should also pay attention to the high cost of living associated with bay area. It suggests that even if you purchase a property here and find a very good job, you will have to spend a considerable part of your earnings in maintaining your lifestyle in this area. One should take the help of real estate agents for buying a property in this area.

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